Colory, Coloring Book for Adults

You Call the Shots on What to Color by the Brand New Scan Function.

An app to help people to get rid of stress and be relaxed now available on the Apple App Store.

Colory is a free adult coloring book app designed to help people to get rid of stress and be relaxed. On Dec.6, 2016, it has just been updated to the latest 1.9 version. In this version, Colory focuses more on users’ engagement, so some related brand new functions such as Scan and iMessage Sticker create have been added.

• Scan Function

By Scan, you are able to generate the contents you like. Once you find an inspiring picture, open Colory app, tap Creation to trigger Scan, and in seconds, a DIY coloring page comes out. It’s really useful and cool. Besides, you can also import pictures from the camera roll to scan. And line drawings and coloring pictures will take on the best effects compared to other pictures.

scan scan-2

• iMessage Stickers Create

Another inspiring new function in Colory is iMessage Stickers create. Stickers have already become a necessity for online chatting. And in order to give users a more personalized experience, Colory launched a series of colorable stickers in its 1.9 version. All the stickers can be easily colored and used in iMessage chatting. With exaggerated facial expressions or actions and the hilarious buzz words, these stickers will undoubtedly wow your friends and spice up your conversations.

imessagesticker1 imessagesticker3

• Various Coloring Pages

Now Colory has already covered 25 different kinds of books with 400+ coloring pages. Books include Mandala, Sugar Skull, Garden, Animal, Owl, Stained Glass…all the heated types. Pages are weekly updated and all are original.

• Emoji-like Pixel Coloring

Apart from normal coloring books, Colory also has something unique, the emoji-like pixel coloring book. In this book, all the pop emojis are provided for you to create pixel art drawings. You can either color to the existing emoji or totally create one by yourself. Once you start creating here it’s hard for you to stop.

emoji-4 emoji

• Brush Mode

As an app for better life, Colory especially values user experience. For example, the brush mode. Just as the name implies, it allows you to color numerous blanks at a brush, a small but very kind function especially when there are plenty of small blanks for you to color.

brush-1 brushmode

• Further Editing

Besides being off stress, Colory expects you to be real enjoyed through some fun things. So in further editing, it offers various textures to you, with which, coloring works magically become brick paintings, brush paintings, silk paintings, stained glass and etc. And You can also modify the line colors and add borders to your creations.

bird1 bird3

“Colory does help people to be relaxed,” the developer of Colory, Ronnie said, “when I’m tired, I will stop to do coloring, it does work. We hope Colory will be of great help in relaxing people.”

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