How to Create A Stunning Coloring Work with Monochrome Palette


Hey, coloring lovers, what worries you most when you do colorings?

If your answer iscolor choices or matches youd better read it on.

Colors are abundant but essential that most of us feel overwhelmed when it refers to color choices. So my tip for you is to limit your color scheme and use a completely monochrome palette.By using monochrome palette, I don’t mean that you are limited to use only one color, but combine different shades of that colors. Believe me, that does make for a really striking image.

Let’s see how to make it. (The tutorial bellow is demonstrated with Colory App)

Firstly, choose any color you like, reds, oranges, greens…I would like my Mandala to be vivid and bright, so I’m going to use yellows.


Secondly, select the place you want to start from and the shade you want to start with.

Mostly, we color from the center to around. And it’s up to you to begin with the lightest shade or the deepest.

Here are two ways for you to color, one is to color round by round, the other every other round.

  • Coloring Round by Round:

By coloring round by round, I mean coloring the mandala deeper or lighter yellow inside out round by round just as the shade palette sequenced.


img_4903  img_4905

You may find sometimes it’s hard for you to tell one from the other, as colors are so similar. A small tip for you is to long press on the place you’ve colored and that color will be auto-selected in the palette. It’s  fairly easy and useful!


So much for the first coloring method. And when you done, you’ll find the picture looks shade in colors.


  • Coloring Every Other Round:

By coloring every other round, I mean when coloring, you skip the next round after finishing coloring one round just as the picture shows.


And what to do with the rest? The only thing you have to change is the coloring sequence. For example, color from the lightest yellow to the deepest center to around if you colored the other way around at the first.


Alright, this is all about the second coloring method. This one seems more changeable compared to the first one, but is as easy as that to color.

Lastly, don’t forget to fill in the background. It’s really important. You can try any color in the shade. One tip is to use the same color as the inmost part.  


Now, coloring works are roughly finished. 

But if you do some further editing, it’ll look better.

Select a border, change to another line and add a texture effect.

Till now, all the work have been done. Let’s see the final results, not a bad job, eh?

img_4928One more thing, since there’s only Monochrome Palette used in coloring, results will be better if coloring pages are simple and repeated patterns such as Mandala, Stained Glass and Paisley. But don’t mind, you can try on any pages you like.

Thanks for your reading! It’s time to have your own one! Share your works on Instagram or Facebook tagged with #colory #coloryapp to stun us!

More coloring works and information at Instagram official account, coloryapp or FB fanpage, Colory: Free Adult Coloring Book.

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